A diamante is a seven line poem written in the shape of a diamond. The structure of this poem is a pair of nouns that serve as the first line and the last line. For this assignment, your nouns should be antonyms. You may find it helpful to compose your poem using this interactive site: Diamante
When you have finished writing your poem, post it in the comments section below. 

Organizing your diamante:
Line 1: Noun A 
Line 2: Two adjectives describing noun A 
Line 3: Three action words relating to noun A 
Line 4: Two nouns associated with noun A, two nouns associated with noun B 
Line 5: Three action words relating to noun B 
Line 6: Two adjectives describing noun B 
Line 7: Noun B (either a synonym or antonym for noun A)

Day and Night
by Cassy R.

Sunny, Warm
Teaching, Thinking, Talking
Cereal, PBJ Sandwich, Long Walk, Sleep
Reflecting, Smiling, Preparing
Quiet, Calm


05/15/2013 12:14pm

Celestial Star
Strange, Curious
Inventing, Discovering, Inspiring
Bright, Loving, Dark, Cold
Reading, Cooking, Sleeping
Dark, Glowing
Lunar Rock

05/16/2013 10:00am

I love how you used Celestial Star and Lunar Rock to describe Day and Night in a different way.

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